Today the ACIDLOOP project, which started in 2012, has officially ended. Funded by the SWITCH Asia programme of the European Union and implemented by a project consortium lead by TERI, The Energy Resource Institute, the sustainable consumption and production in small and medium enterprises was its major goal.

The project team conducted over 50 workshops and training sessions for company owners and workers to create the RECP mind-set.

Results: Energy consumption across all companies was reduced by 23%. Overall material consumption was reduced by 27% and water consumption by 33%.[1]

Our Success

Attribui supported the ACIDLOOP project by developing an educational Interactive HTML5 Web & Offline Toolkit for TERI. With the help of our toolkit people can explore the potentials of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) easily in an intuitive way.

Your Value

We offer educational services and products since more than 12 years, when we developed an online peer assessment tool for project sustainability for the Styrian state government of Austria.



SWITCH Asia EU Programme
TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute

  1. For more information, visit or contact Dr. Malini Balakrishnan on ↩︎