In 2014 the Medical University of Graz introduced application fees for candidacies and admission tests, founded by governing law and the fact of a fast growing number of candidacies year by year.

UPDATE: In 2017 our next generation of versatile enrollment services has been introduced. Visit for further information. Since 2018 we support live event monitoring and online analytics & BI

Our Achievements

Most of the admission processes[1] is already covered by Attribui's software. Our services provide an intuitive and modern user experience as well as rock-solid stability and top performance.

During the registration periods payments are securely processed every year, supporting regional and international payment provider gateways.

Online Payment

For the Medical University we chose together with our customer the trustworthy national payment provider mPAY24. Other notable payment gateways are integrated easily by our team.

UPDATE: In 2018 Attribui joined the mPAY24 partner program.

Custom Processes = High Satisfaction

Our professional work started with diligent requirements engineering: We involved all the relevant groups, fostered transparency and discussed and optimized given use cases and processes. This is why the final result was very tightly bound to the specific needs. Nonetheless we managed to deliver at even lower costs than our competitors.

Your Benefit

Attribui provides flexible microservices for admission, registration, application, enrollment processes or similar tasks.

Learn more about the Attribui Motion Service Program and how to gain access to existing services - or even how to run new services especially for you.

Medical University of Graz

  1. Candidacies, online payment, online, registration, local registration stations, feedback cycles, results and certificates, notification. ↩︎