There is a lot to tell about e-health this year. This is why we give a brief summary of our most recent activities today:

Telehealth for Australia

Attribui is going to provide telehealth services for General Movements Assessment in Australia, commissioned by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute[1] (MCRI) and focusing as well clinician as also parents at-home. We will also develop versatile customized mobile apps and participate in local development partnerships.

The MCRI makes use of the full range of our service programs: Pulse, Motion, and Attribui Research.

GMApp No. 2

After two years of exploration and development for GMApp by iDN (interdisciplinary Developmental Neuroscience, Prof. Christa Einspieler & Peter Marschik[2]), the first Austrian Grand Challenges[3] project that has been awarded a grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, we are heading for a follow-on funding on the transition to global scale.

Other activities

Attribui is participating at conhIT 2017[4] in Berlin, searching for new potentials and the latest trends and news in the e-health community.

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