The social relevance of the community is undisputed. Communities are the way we humans find our identity and share our lives with others. With our Community Management Platform Tagading® we are starting a new chapter in our company history today.

Our developments at Tagading are entirely aimed at providing the society with a modern tool that enables a demanding, reliable, transparent and safe cooperation.

Software - the shared heritage of a future society

Only if all of us as participants in society can actively and self-determinedly help shape our environment can we experience progress in a breadth and depth that does not lead to uncontrollable concentration of power and unavoidable abuse of power.

It is clear that this requires continuous energy and commitment. But if we pass political and social decisions unreflected and uncritically on to others, living together can never do justice to the complexity of the demands placed on a highly developed society. Software offers the unique opportunity to allow large groups to participate interactively.

The Blockchain and the fire

Inventions such as the blockchain have the chance to rise to become the key technologies of social development in the 21st century. The Internet is the fire of the information age and a still raw and unbridled force that brings great benefits and also great harm. We can decide together how we want to set ethical, legal and personal limits.

With Tagading we want to contribute to the fact that organizations can manage their communities independently and trustfully online, but also that members of a community are strongly represented and can be increasingly integrated into processes.

Our new task has been accompanying us very intensively for several months now. In the future, we will now exclusively and vigorously promote community management with Tagading in research and development as well as in marketing and sales in order to offer our customers* and users* a strong, positive future perspective.