The Sustainicum Business Game is a decision-based business game developed in cooperation with the Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research. It was designed as a part of the Sustainicum Collection.

The knowledge base was extracted from the Sustainability Manager, our browser-based management game.

UPDATE: The United Nations University at the Global RCE Meetings in Nairobi/Kenia gave on 2014/01/24 the RCE Recognition Award to the Sustainicum Collection.

UPDATE: On 2014/05/14 the federal ministries BMWFW and BMLFUW of Austria announced the Sustainability Award 2014. The Sustainicum Collection won the first place in the category "Regional Cooperation".

Our Success

We were able to use our experience to the full extent and implemented a mobile mini game as a responsive web app in 2012. The game engine[1] of Attribu·i allowed project partners to create content without any knowledge of computer programming.

Your Value

Attribui Research is partner in various research projects. Our experiences reach from data sciences, logic, expert systems, BRMS[2], knowledge based systems and semantic systems to educational and serious games, offering you a broad spectrum of potential fields of application.


  1. The Attribui Boyscout Engine for CoffeeScript / JavaScript is a responsive web framework based on decision-trees. ↩︎

  2. Business Rule Management Systems ↩︎